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      Our new curriculum will be full and sensory rich.  It is designed to engage students in rigorous learning of ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science, aligned with new learning standards, through fun and hands-on activities. Students will graduate from the preschool program prepared for todays kindergarten, but also excited about learning. Lessons will be differentiated and incorporate manipulatives, explorations and experiments, art, music, and technology.  Students will enjoy our large playground while building fine and gross motor skills. 

Math and ELA 

    We will be  aligned to new learning standards in order to make students prepared for kindergarten and beyond.  Students will engage in math activities, solve puzzles, play interactive games, watch educational videos, create  projects and build in explorations with manipulatives.  Children will also build letter, phonics, and whole word recognition through projects, reading time, sensory activities for letter writing, and creation of word books and journals.  

Science and Social Studies 


    Our curriculum includes time for students to learn about the world around them.  Students will engage in age appropriate science experiments and explorations.  We will learn about animals, plants, and weather.  In Social Studies, students will learn about their neighborhood and beyond.   We will say the pledge of allegiance, go over the calendar, and learn about the months and days of the week.  Students will learn about holidays and special occasions celebrated by a number of different cultures. 

Music, Art and Technology 


      Everyday, students will have lesson time on the rug.  The children will sit in front of a projection from the laptop.  As part of the lesson, they  will see educational videos, powerpoints and animated models to help understand learning objectives through varied mediums in order to reach the different learning styles present in each class.   Children will also create art, and sing educational songs.  

    After school will have the opportunity to do homework with our qualified staff, and participate in activities afterward, such as drawing, painting, music or use of audio books.   USB outlets will also be available for personal tablets for educational apps.  

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